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The Encounter Coach's Cheat Sheet

This is the essential guide to becoming a masterful Encounter Coach®.  In a handy 8.5" x 5.5" flip book format, you can quickly find the key steps and sample questions for Jesus that correspond with each of the core encounter coaching skills. 

The contents include:

  1. Drilling Down to Desire Steps
  2. Steps for Coaching a Twisted Desire
  3. The Emotions chart
  4. The Desire Wheel
  5. Desire Prayers for each of the 16 heart-desires
  6. Drilling Down to Belief & Questions for Praying Your Beliefs
  7. Inner Healing Process & Questions for Emotional Memories
  8. Questions for Coaching the 3 Beliefs
  9. Questions for Coaching with the 7 Frames

This resource is ideal for coaches who have completed a portion of the MetaFormation encounter coach training and are looking for a reference guide to assist in the coaching process if/when you get stuck.