How to Read the Bible Like a Human Being | Workbook Six: Mark 6:33 - 7:30

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Bring a new dimension to Bible study by getting out of your head and engaging with your heart! How to Read the Bible Like a Human Being activates your emotional brain with a visual approach to the New Testament, helping you identify with Jesus and his disciples and get new insights into who they were and how they lived. Volume Six covers Mark 6:33-7:30, and includes participant materials for twelve weeks of study on four passages:

  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand: Jesus makes two tonsof food from five little rolls and some fish. But did it multiply in Jesus hands, in the baskets or on the way to hand it out?
  • Walking on Water: Jesus’ disciples were four miles out on the lake that night. If you could walk on water for two hours, would you try to skip, slide, jump the waves—or what?
  • Hand-Washing and Corban: The scribes had ruled that a rash vow (“You’ll never set foot in my house again!”) was irrevocable—and Jesus is not impressed.
  • The Syrophoenician Woman: What happens when a woman from a Power/Fear culture pleads for help from a healer from a Hebrew Honor/Shame culture?

What Makes This Different
The product of three years of research into first-century life and culture, these studies introduce you to a new side of scripture. The focus is not on having the right beliefs and behavior, but on actually meeting Jesus in his own world: visualizing the scene, feeling what the characters felt, and understanding how they were shaped by their culture. It's a whole different experience to study to simply know Jesus.

These small-group studies are completely discussion-based, using incisive questions developed by an expert trainer who has taught asking skills to thousands of professional coaches for 25 years. The interaction draws on each person's real-life experiences to identify with what Jesus, his disciples and the crowds are thinking and feeling. Along with the companion Leader's Guide, each of the four studies in this Participant Workbook provide:

  • Video: Shot on location in Israel, these short videos show the setting where the story actually happened, so you can see it in your mind (accessed from the Leader's Guide).
  • Background Information: Learn about fascinating cultural details from Jesus’ day that influence how you read the story.
  • Free Texting App: You'll get one short text each weekday with one cool fact about the passage to help you keep your head in the game during the week.
  • Questions for Jesus about the passage you can ask during your devotions that week.
  • Research Links you can follow to explore the background of the passage on your own.

About the Author
Tony Stoltzfus has decades of ministry experiences, including 25 years training professional Christian coaches on how to ask great questions like the one's these materials are based on. He's the author of 20 books, has founded several leadership- and missions organizations, and coached hundreds of pastors and para-church leaders. He and his wife Kathy have been married for 35 years and have two adult children.