Level IV Coach Training Presenter's Package (Download)

Complete Presenter's Package--Electronic Download
Training Hours: 30 hrs. 
Format: In-person workshop, class or tele-course
Course Level: Level IV (Advanced)

This course outline package provides everything a skilled coach or coach trainer needs to offer advanced level IV life coach training; royalty free. Read on for details! 

Course Overview

This open source coach training outline is designed as the final step in your life coach training curriculum. It provides eight weeks of advanced, interactive training in an in-person class or remote tele-course format, or in a two-day workshop. You'll go beyond the basics to cover life coaching topics like:
  • Revelation methods and how to expand the client's understanding of revelation
  • Creating preparation inventories
  • Creating a life purpose statement
  • How to coach life messages, plus identifying both being and doing calls
  • Influence Styles and how they affect our choice of life task
  • Working with "one thing" vs "many thing" calls
  • Identifying your Audience, desired Impact, and calling Task

Course Materials Included

Built around the Christian Life Coaching Handbook by Tony Stoltzfus, this Presenter's Package includes:
  • Complete Presenter's Outlines (two versions) with explanatory comments, keyed to page numbers in the Handbook
  • A beautiful, 80-slide PowerPoint presentation keyed to the outline
  • A Presenter's Guide showing you how to schedule, promote and administer the course
  • A Participant's Packet with schedules and checklists for each version (class or workshop), a course covenant, peer session outlines and more
  • An E-Brochure you can customize to promote your course (view a sample e-brochure)


Participants should have a solid background in the coaching fundamentals. We recommend an introductory Level I Coach Training Course, such as Getting Started in Leadership Coaching,, and a Level II course like The Level II Coach Training Intensive. The Level III Life Coach Training course covers the first half of the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, while this course covers the second half of the book.

Open Source

Open source means you can freely use these materials to train coaches in your organization, with your trainers, and you can freely modify them to fit your needs, all without paying the high per-trainee royalties coaching schools require. For instance, you can modify the outlines to fit your needs, add your organization's logo, customize the promotional e-brochure with your dates and times, reorganize the sessions to present them in a different format, or add new sessions that you create. The only things you CAN'T do are give away or resell the outlines themselves, remove the author attribution, offer the course without requiring participants to purchase the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, or translate the materials without express written permission. 

Presenter Qualifications

Because the presenter needs to demonstrate each of the key skills, this course calls for advanced presenter skills. We recommend that you have a coaching certification or coach trainer credentials to teach this course. If you aren't comfortable offering it on your own, contact and we can connect you with a professional coach trainer you can bring in to teach the course.

Recommended Resources

For more background material on the skills and techniques covered in this course, check out the following resources:
  • Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus: An in-depth treatment of the basic conversational skills of coaching covered in Level I and II.
  • A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook: All the exercises in the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, in a format designed to give to a coaching client.
  • The Calling Journey: How calling develops over a lifetime, and how to coach leaders in different stages of their calling development.

Video Review

Table of Contents

Session List

Following is a list of the eight sessions plus orientation in the Level IV Life Coaching Course:
  1. Orientation
  2. Preparation Inventories
  3. Destiny Events
  4. Calling and Revelation
  5. Calling Patterns in Suffering
  6. Life Messages
  7. Audience and Impact
  8. Tasks and Roles
  9. Values

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus co-founded one of the first Christian coach training schools nearly two decades ago and is a pioneer in the Coaching field. He's author of the top-selling coaching how-to on Amazon, along with 11 other books, and has written dozens of coaching courses used worldwide.