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Heavens Perspective: Stories from the Book of Life

212 pages, softcover


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Heaven's Perspectivegives you a sneak peek at the Book of Life, through letters from Jesus to seventeen ordinary believers about their greatest experiences of suffering and adversity. You'll feel Jesus' heartbeat as his shares his unique pleasure in each one, and marvel as you witness how he uses even their faults and failures to bring them to their destinies.

A mother learns that the son she lost will never experience a day without her in heaven. A missionary harassed by the KGB learns the secret rescue mission Father sent him on, a thrice-divorced woman sees Jesus take her shame away forever--and much more. You'll learn to reinterpret your own life in the light of glory while you absorb tools for doing the same with others.

The book is organized around The Seven Frames, a tool developed by MetaFormation for getting an eternal perspective on life's most important events. Each of the Seven Frames is illustrated in a pair of "God-Stories"--stories of painful life events we've rewritten through Jesus' eyes, from heaven's point of view. You'll absorb a new perspective on human events as you follow the stories of the missionary who was arrested by the KGB, a mother who nearly died in childbirth, God's hand extending to the father whose son was abused, and many more.

This is a great inspiration for general readers, as well as a practical tool for coaches to learn to reframe client life stories from heaven's point of view.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Perspective
Chapter 2: Performance vs. Relationship
Chapter 3: Loss vs. Opportunity
Chapter 4: Random vs. Destiny
Chapter 5: Outward Performance vs. Inward Formation
Chapter 6: Laws of Earth vs. Laws of Heaven
Chapter 7: Heaven and Time
Chapter 8: Heaven, Suffering and Glory
Chapter 9: Flatlander vs. Process
Chapter 10: Individual vs. Interconnected

Appendix A: The Coaching Approach
Appendix B: Additional Resources

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a master coach and trainer, author of 11 books and an expert on the ways of God with the human heart. After experiencing deep suffering and betrayal in his own life, and meeting Jesus in it, he helps leaders become aware of their own hearts and find life in meeting Jesus there.

Reader Feedback

"This is incredible."
In difficult circumstances we often have a limited view to see beyond our pain. We can get caught in a fog of hopelessness and failure. In Heaven's Perspective, Tony Stoltzfus has brilliantly captured the heart of God and gives us glimpses of how heaven sees our tragic moments, as we walk out our earthly journey. I was honored to attend Tony's Leadership MetaFormation, Living from the Heart, where he took the time to compassionately listen to the most painful moments of my story. Upon arriving to the workshop, I was given a beautiful leather book containing, my story, written from a heavenly perspective. Where I saw failure, Tony unveiled where God was wondrously weaving my disappointment into a glorious destiny. Where I could only feel separation, Tony opened my eyes to see where Jesus and Holy Spirit were closer than my skin. As I meditated on this fabulous book, Heaven's Perspective, I have experienced a different reality of how heaven truly sees and what all of heaven is doing to partner in all that concerns me. My eyes see with renewed vision and my heart beats with the Father's goodness. I highly recommend Heaven's Perspective, the concepts and stories in this book have given me a new lens to see His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Jimetta Mayne - Life coach, pastor, author

Book Review

"4.5 Stars!"

Read this book if:

  • You want a new tool to help your clients discover how God uses their sufferings and struggles to prepare them for their calling.
  • You want to discover Heaven's Perspective of your own life experiences.
  • Someone you know could use Heaven's Perspective to encourage them about their painful past.

Be prepared as you enter into this journey of Heaven's Perspective - it might just shatter your expectations and perspective of God. Much like "The Shack" opened up a generation to knowing God as a loving Father rather than a stern and unforgiving taskmaster, Heaven's Perspective will give you insight into the Father's heart that you'll never expect and will change the way you look at every story of your life, or the lives of those you coach!

The book presents the Seven Frames tool developed by Tony Stoltzfus, which is used to re-frame a human viewpoint into a heavenly one. Each chapter presents 2 deeply personal accounts of painful experiences to illustrate the human viewpoint, followed by their story rewritten from Heaven's Perspective. Tony and his writing team bring a beautiful portrait of how Jesus sees each person's life through his loving and patient eyes. Each participant then responds to the rewritten story and we get to watch as their perspective shifts effortlessly with heavenly insight.

Bringing a new or differing perspective is an essential element in the art of coaching and isn't a new concept. But Heaven's Perspective is different. It will allow you to envision God's perspective of you and your clients in a more profound way than you ever imagined. Tony's book has provided me with more personal insight from these power packed pages quicker than any tool I've used before! I know it will help my clients too.

The lump in my throat began to form in the preface and continued with occasional tears as I imagined my own story retold through Heaven's perspective. By the time I reached the end, I became convinced that nothing in my life is wasted and God is not disappointed with the speed or even the success of my journey. He simply has enjoyed the journey with me.

I feel more empowered to freely provide Heaven's Perspective to my clients to help them frame their experiences using the Seven Frames. I might pose a question such as this: "If you knew this experience wasn't random, but was and is being used by God to help you reach your destiny, how would He see it?"

If you're a Christian coach I highly recommend Tony's book to guide you in providing Heaven's Perspective using the Seven Frames tool with your clients. Perhaps even more importantly, read this book and dare to rewrite your own story from God's perspective of his incredible love toward you! You'll never be the same!

Claudia Klann
Certified Professional Life Coach