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Outlines, PowerPoint, Guide & Promo Materials for a Level I Coaching Course
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Getting Started in Leadership Coaching is an Open Source coach training class any coach can offer. Built around the book Leadership Coaching and the companion Leadership Coaching Live! (audio course not included), this seven week course walks your trainees through fundamental skills of coaching like goal-setting, creating action steps, developing options and much more. It also includes a bonus session where you'll offer tips on how to find the right coach, bring coaching to an organization, or how to go on and become a certified coach.

Each week trainees will read about a new coaching skill, listen to a demo of how it works from the audio course (purchased separately), and then apply those skills in an in-person or phone-based training session. The course outlines help you demonstrate how the coaching approach works, as well as exploring key coaching skills like intuitive listening, asking powerful questions, developing action steps and setting SMART goals. Getting Started in Leadership Coaching is a great introduction to a powerful way of helping others grow.

This complete Presenter's Package includes:

  • In-depth presenter's outlines
  • Course schedules
  • A participant's packet
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • An orientation session outline
  • Tips for running and promoting the coaching class
  • A color promotional e-flyer you can modify with your course name and dates

The course begins with an orientation, and follows with interactive, one-hour skill sessions (90-minute sessions if done in person instead of as a tele-class) each week for six weeks. A bonus session in week seven will review your options for how to pursue further training or a career in coaching.

The course takes about 2.75 hours a week, if done with weekly one-hour tele-class session. These sessions can take place on a Bridge Line - a special phone line where up to 20 people can get on the line at once. The benefit of phone-based training is that people can participate without leaving home. It also saves time - instead of having to travel to a meeting, you can call in from your home or office.

Open source means you can modify the course to suit your needs and offer it royalty free. Combine it with our level II, III and IV modules to create a complete, in-depth coaching training program. In this third addition, we've added a 75-slide PowerPoint presentation for those who wish to offer the course as an in-person class.

Please note this is not a self-study course, but a set of outlines that let you function as a trainer for others. 

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Table of Contents

Week 1: Orientation
Week 2: The Coaching Approach
Week 3: The Power of Responsibility
Week 4: Setting Effective Goals
Week 5: Asking Powerful Questions
Week 6: Problem Solving the Coaching Way
Week 7: Converting Ideas to Action
(Bonus) Week 8: Becoming a Coach

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a life coach, author, co-founder of two coach training schools, and has trained over a thousand coaches. Tony's work is used world-wide, both his training and course materials, as well as his 11 books including the best-selling Coaching Questions. As the founder of MetaFormation, Tony is known for his interactive, innovative way of teaching and writing to show leaders how to engage from the heart, by coaching through the emotional brain to tough the deep desires that motivate behavior. Tony and his wife Kathy live in Redding, CA and have an adult son and daughter.

Reader Feedback

"Having just finished our last phone conference on Leadership Coaching I want to say it has been a tremendous blessing for me to have received this teaching. While the information in the course is practical, very useful in building relationships, extremely helpful in helping others reach their full potential, I have also benefited by the way you modeled 'the heart of a coach.'"

"Just wanted you to know that I was able to practice the coaching approach with one of my clients last Friday... What was cool for me (because I can be a major violator of people in dispensing wisdom) was how easy it was to use the open-ended questions to help her identify some goal areas she might consider... As we processed some action steps, I could see her physically sitting up straighter and seeming to be much more optimistic and excited about her future... I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate assimilating these new skills."

"Just a quick note to tell you how grateful I am for the teaching you are giving in our Coaching course. It surely is transformational in my life and in the way I think now when people share their thoughts, desires and problems with me. Just last week I was able to apply what I am learning to a dear friend in a wheelchair who remarked that she wanted to get back to daily devotions. When our conversation finished, she had committed herself to a devotional time at a set time of day starting yesterday. And she expects me to hold her accountable."