Peer Coach Training (Streaming Video)

Experience the Power of Authentic, Growth-Centered Relationships
150 Minutes of Streaming Video
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This streaming version of the Peer Coach Training Video Series includes two-and-a-half hours of powerful teachings and live demo. Watch author and master coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus explain key skills like problem solving the coaching way, keeping accountability healthy, turning goals into action, and much more. Then watch as Tony shows you the technique in live, unrehearsed coaching encounters.

Instead of sitting through a bunch of talking-head lectures, this program uses proven principles of adult learning to keep people engaged! Teachings are short, there's lots of demonstration and discussion, and everyone gets a chance to practice what they are learning. It's a fun, interactive process. The art of coaching is as much caught as it is taught - and on these videos you'll get to learn by watching a really great coach at work.

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    Table of Contents

    The Video series includes both input and demos. Here's a list of the teaching sessions, followed by a list of the coaching demos:
    1. The Power of Peer Coaching
    2. Training Overview
    3. Your Most Important Leadership Decision
    4. The Peer Coaching Relationship
    5. Cultivating Authenticity
    6. Healthy Accountability
    7. The Power of Goals
    8. Turning Goals into Action Steps
    9. Problem-Solving the Coaching Way
    10. The Five Options Technique
    11. A Little Change Theory
    12. Expressing Belief
    13. Promotional Spot for Peer Coaching

    The Peer Coaching Video Series also includes the following coaching demonstrations:

    1. Peer Coaching Demonstration
    2. How to Torpedo Your Peer Relationship
    3. Telling Authentic Stories
    4. Effective Accountability Questions
    5. What to Do When We Don't Measure Up 
    6. S.M.A.R.T. Goal Demo
    7. Nailing Down a Step
    8. Progress Reports
    9. The Gathering More Information Technique
    10. The Five Options Technique
    11. Naming Identity 
    12. Celebrating Progress 
    13. Expressing Belief

    About the Author

    Tony Stoltzfus has written over 20 coaching courses and 12 books on Christian life coaching that are used worldwide. His materials have been translated into a dozen languages.