Questions for Jesus Group Guide (Print)

Complete Presenter's Package with PowerPoints - 46 pages + 76 slides
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Offer the Questions for Jesus Course in your church, group or team and take people on an amazing journey of hearing God speak personally to your deepest longings. Using coaching questions and asking principles, this facilitator's package teaches how to follow the cues from your emotional brain to your deepest desires, and shows how meeting Jesus there transforms everything.

Built around the book, Questions for Jesus by Tony Stoltzfus, this eight-session Presenter's Package includes everything you need to offer the course:

  • The Questions for Jesus Group Guide (46 pages) offers a complete outline of each of the eight sessions, along with handouts, articles on key topics and more
  • A 75-slide animated PowerPoint presentation keyed to the outline
  • Videos of teachings and coaching demos for each session are provided free in low-resolution, or can be purchased in high-resolution 1080p format on the Questions for Jesus Video Course
  • A course schedule
  • A packet of promotional materials including a customizable, color E-Brochure for getting the word out about your course

Participant Materials

Each participant will need a copy of the book, Questions for Jesus, while one copy of The Desire Discovery Cards is needed for each team of four participants.

Course Details

The course is designed around eight - weekly sessions. Each includes a testimony time where participants share what Jesus has been speaking to them during the week, a short video teaching session or demo by Tony Stoltzfus, and interactive exercises that get participants coaching each other and praying their desires. The workshop is designed to be done in teams of four, for accountability and mutual support, and many teams want to continue meeting after the 8 weeks are over!

Open Source

Our Open Source program lets you freely use these materials to train others as well as modify the materials to fit your needs, all without paying any per-person royalties. You can change the schedule, add your organization's logo to the PowerPoints, customize the promotional e-brochure with your dates and times, or reorganize the sessions to fit into your church calendar. The only things you can't do are give away or resell the Presenter Materials, remove the required books, or translate the materials without permission.


This package includes a slick, 76-slide PowerPoint presentation with animated diagrams, beautiful photos and exercise instructions to leave on screen when participants are working with their team. A sample slide is at right.

Course Resources

These resources are either used in the course or provide valuable background on the concepts it covers:

Video Review

Table of Contents

  1. Building an Atmosphere
  2. Jeremiah's Experiment
  3. The Emotional Brain
  4. Drilling Down to Desire
  5. Desires within Dreams
  6. Constructing Desire Prayers
  7. Desires and Change
  8. Going Forward
  9. Additional Resources

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a long-time coach, author of 11 coaching books, and has founded several coaching schools and trained or certified over a thousand coaches. As founder of MetaFormation, Tony teaches leaders to engage the heart by coaching through the emotional brain to touch the deep desires that drive behavior. Known for his interactive, innovative training and writing style, Tony has written courses and training materials used around the world.

Reader Feedback

"I loved the book so much... when my sister was over, she picked it up and took it home with her--and now she is doing a class on Questions for Jesus!"

"...She said she had not heard God speak to her in twenty years... and in this last session she has heard his voice several times."

A construction worker came to the microphone. "I've been telling God for the last year, 'I don't want you to talk to me. And I don't want to talk to you.'" Then he choked up for a moment, and tears began running down his face. "It's so good to be connected again."

"My times with God are like a fire hose..."

"God met me in places I didn't expect; and I received a perspective that blew the doors off. I come from a conservative background in which I was taught that feelings can get us off track and can't be trusted. I was guarded about that, so when I realized that the training was going to be on going into feelings??? I was not sure what I thought or what to do. But what I came out with was an intimacy with a holy and relational God I have not experienced before." - Missionary

"Our team is still meeting a year later..."

"My experience with the 8-week course I facilitated was incredible. I saw a group of very conservative Christian college students spend the first few weeks trying to get the "right" answer... But then I encouraged them to loosen up and shared some personal (and funny) things Jesus had said to me during the course. One by one they started to hear Jesus. One girl was floored when Jesus winked at her during one of her conversations with Him. What He said was important to her at that point in her life, but what made it "real" to her was the wink.

"Questions for Jesus had been transformational for them. The experience of asking Jesus questions and hearing immediate answers to their heart's desires began to replace their knowledge paradigm. They felt loved and connected. They began to move out of their minds to reach out with their hearts. We actually spent the last session talking about how their experience with God had changed their beliefs. I have seen the power of God in this way of heart transformation in my own life. Now, I saw their experiences challenging what they had believed in a way that teaching/preaching never could. Powerfully transforming!"