Coaching Transitions (Streaming Audio)

Walking with Leaders in the Turning Points of Life
127 min. streaming audio + handouts & exercises 

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Major transitions are often seasons of frustration, difficulty and loss. The in-between times when we've lost the old thing and haven't yet moved into the new are difficult to navigate.

This streaming audio course provides teaching on understanding transitions, plus advanced Christian coach techniques for aspiring or practicing coaches. Handouts and exercises are included in this two-hour coach training audio-course from master trainer Tony Stoltzfus. Coach engaging God's purposes for other's growth in major life transitions. Through transitions, God births in us the character needed to reach our destiny.

Transition coaching can be vital part of helping leaders maximize their abilities. The transformational coaching skills in Coaching Transitions can help leaders move more quickly through the stages of letting go of the old, reinventing themselves at the being level, and embracing the new.

"You win your ministry in your transitions."

A leader's life is punctuated with transitions: times when the focus of God's activity moves from outward productivity to inner development. Our instinctive response to these seasons of dislocation and drawing back is to get out of them as soon as possible! But transitions are much more than unproductive lulls: in fact, your ministry future depends on how you meet God in your transitions.

Master coach Tony Stoltzfus uses a combination of teaching, live coaching demos and interactive debriefing to show how transitions can take us to another level by providing space to retool and incarnate Christ in our being. Tony uses a variety of stories and examples to explore the place of suffering and difficulty in the development of a leader. Then he shares several high-impact coaching tools that can help leaders lean into their transition times and make the most of them:

  • A visual model for identifying transitions and understanding how they work
  • Examples of how to see transitions in from God's perspective
  • A three-step tool based on Romans 8:28 for reframing transition in terms of inward growth and helping the leader engage God in it
  • Three powerful techniques for making connections between what is happening in the transition and the leader's ultimate life purpose

  • This course includes over 2 hours (127 minutes) of streaming audio, plus downloadable handouts, tools and coaching exercises. To access the handouts, click here. On your purchase, you'll receiving an e-mail with streaming instructions.

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    About the Author

    Tony is a full-time Christian coach and coach trainer, author of Leadership Coaching, a ground-breaking how-to book on coaching skills and values, and a co-founder of a professional Christian coach training school. Tony's passion is building leadership character and providing the practical tools and training Christian life coaches and leadership coaches need for greater impact. He develops training resources for coaches and coaching programs through Coach22 and has started Leadership MetaFormation Institute where he teaches "Encounter Coaching" which involves coaching the heart and drilling down to the emotions and desires that drive behavior.