Level III Life Coaching Course | Presenter's Package v 2.0 -- Download

Complete Presenter's Package--Electronic Download
Training Hours: approximately 30 hrs total
Format: In-person class or Tele-course
Course Level: Advanced
Presenter Skill Level: Advanced

The Level III Life Coaching Course outline package provides everything a skilled coach needs to offer advanced training in life purpose discovery and life coaching skills. If you are a coach trainer, these courses offer way to train coaches in your organization without paying the high per-trainee royalties coaching schools require.

Course Overview

This open source Christian coach training course outline is designed as the third step in a life coach training curriculum. It provides eight weeks of advanced, interactive training in a classroom or tele-course format. You'll go beyond the basics to cover life coaching topics like:
  • Unearthing core passions under dreams
  • Exploring the three levels of God's purposes for us and how they impact life purpose coaching
  • Doing strengths discovery with inventories, the client's success stories, or by examining weaknesses
  • Values discovery and creating value statements
  • Doing life purpose in a biblical way that includes suffering, obedience and sacrifice as well as success
  • Learning and applying the levels of personality type understanding
  • Coaching fundamental allegiance issues (is this my life or Jesus's?)

What's Included

The course is built around the first half of the Christian Life Coaching Handbook by Tony Stoltzfus; and this Presenter's Package includes all the materials you'll need to offer it:
  • In-depth Presenter's Outlines with learning objectives and other helps, keyed to  the Handbook
  • A Facilitator's Guide with useful information on how to successfully manage and promote the course
  • A Participant's Package you give to each student, which includes the course schedule, peer session outlines for off-line learning, and other participant info
  • A pre-made, customizable E-flyer you can send out to advertise your course (view sample e-brochure)


This course assumes participants know basic coaching techniques in listening, asking, and understand the values and philosophy behind the coaching approach. We recommend that participants have taken a level I course (such as Getting Started in Leadership Coaching first, plus a Level II course like The Level II Coach Training Intensive

What is Open Source?

Open source means two things: first, you can use these materials to train coaches in your organization, with your trainers, royalty free; and second, you can freely modify the outlines and other materials to fit your needs. For instance, you can redo the outlines to fit your scheduling needs, add your organization's logo, customize the promotional e-brochure with your dates and times, reorganize the sessions to present them in a different format, or add new sessions that you create. The only things you CAN'T do are give away or resell the outlines themselves, remove the author attribution, offer the course without requiring participants to purchase the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, or translate the materials without express written permission.

Session List

This course is designed around eight group sessions, with weekly reading assignments from the book. Each week also includes a 90-minute peer practice session where trainees meet in pairs to build proficiency by coaching each other. Click on the "Table of Contents" tab below to see a session list.

Presenter Qualifications

Because the presenter needs to demonstrate each of the key skills, Level III Life Coaching Course calls for advanced presenter skills. We recommend that you have a coaching certification or coach trainer credentials to teach this course. If you aren't comfortable offering it on your own, contact and we can connect you with a professional coach trainer you can bring in to teach the course.

Recommended Resources

If you'd like additional background material on the concepts covered in the course, here are some additional resources presenters will find useful:
  • Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus: An in-depth treatment of the basic conversational skills of coaching covered in Level I and II.
  • A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook: All the exercises in the Christian Life Coaching Handbook, in a format designed to give to a coaching client.

Video Review

Table of Contents

Session List

1. Course Orientation
2. The Biblical Foundations of Life Coaching
3. Coaching Allegiance
4. Discovering Your Design: Strengths
5. Coaching Passion and Energy
6. Discovering Core Passions in Dreams
7. Dealing with Dream Obstacles
8. Creating Value Statements

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a well-known coach trainer with nearly two decades of experience in certifying Christian life coaches. He's a prolific writer and publisher, having authored over 20 professional-level coaching courses used across the globe, a dozen books, e-learning courses, CDs, DVDs, even a mobile app. Tony resides in Redding, California with his wife and together they have two adult children. He is the founder of MetaFormation, a ground-breaking training institute that teaches leaders how to coach the emotional brain to transform the heart.