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Hero of Heaven CD

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The Music from Transforming the Heart
Containing six songs written exclusively for Leadership MetaFormation's Taste of Heaven by Tony Stoltzfus, these songs will take you into the presence of God while giving you a glimpse of what your entrance into heaven might be like.

Beautifully performed by concert violinist Rebekah Van Tinteren and pianist Lydia Hendrickson, and recorded in the studio at Bethel Church, with lyrics that will deeply touch your heart, it's a work you'll want to experience over and over again.

Relive your Taste of Heaven experience with this studio recording by the original artists! Includes the songs:

  1. Arise My Beloved
  2. I Will Be Yours Forever
  3. Come Home to Me
  4. Hero of Heaven
  5. The Place I've Prepared
  6. Just to Talk

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