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Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life

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167 pages
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What would it be like to live in a world where everyone was empowered one to live their dreams? The purpose of Dream Culture is to unlock your dreams and release you to make them a reality.

Coaches Andy and Janine Mason have circled the globe to follow their own calling and use that experience to help you live yours. Focusing on God's imperative to be a dreamer, the foundation beliefs necessary to live a dream life and ways to overcome obstacles we face, this book is a great life purpose tool for coaches. Coaching questions, dream activations and powerful stories show how to turn ideas into action steps and develop an intentional lifestyle that brings dreams to life.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Dream, The Invitation
  2. What is a Dream?
  3. Why Be a Dreamer?
  4. How Do I Discover My Dreams?
  5. Beliefs to Build a Dream On
  6. Setting Yourself up to Succeed
  7. Putting Legs on Your Dreams
  8. Faith and Action
  9. Are you Really Ready for This?
  10. Overcoming Speed Bumps
  11. Overcoming Mindsets
  12. Now Coach Yourself and Others

About the Author

Andy and Janine Mason come from the beautiful east coast of New Zealand. Together with their four elementary aged children and ten suitcases, they arrived in Redding, California in August of 2008. They had a dream to give their lives to develop people. Little did they know they would soon be partnering with Danny Silk and his new team, helping develop an organization to build the lives of people.

Andy and Janine created and now lead the Dream Coaching Program at Bethel Church. This has spread into programs and classes in Bethel Christian School and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. They have also helped catalyze Dream Cultures in other churches, businesses and a Community Center.

Reader Feedback

"I am so excited that Andy and Janine are bringing a set of tools and paradigms that inspire us... as we reach for our dreams."
Danny Silk
Staff and Leadership Development Director, Bethel Church