Asking Profound Questions (formerly Asking to Win)

31 pages
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Use metrics to decide when a risky, pressurized, costly decision needs to be made. Preparing for an interview? This pocket-sized think-it-through guide will help you get behind a person's smile and resume. Use these questions to re-focus your life or maximize your time. Bobb Biehl's book (originally published as Asking to Win) fits into your purse or suit coat pocket but contains over 100 profound questions. They'll help stimulate and focus conversations with those coming to you for help to negotiate life's challenges. Biehl provides ten challenging coaching questions in each of ten key areas, along with life-planning tools and principles for asking, planning and deciding at crucial moments in life.

Asking Profound Questions covers topics like how to ask life-changing personal questions instead of wasting the moment on small talk, brainstorming, making great decisions under pressure, strategic planning, interviewing potential hires, refocusing your life, even parenting. Bobb Biehl is a master of the art of asking, and this pocket-sized booklet ( 3 1/2" x 6 1/2". 30 pp) puts that mastery with you wherever you go.

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Table of Contents

1. ASKING ... profound personal questions and avoiding "small talk"
2. BRAINSTORMING ... your way out of a mental "rut" and maximizing your finest ideas
3. CAREER-ING ... when you, or a friend, are considering a career change
4. DECIDING ... when a risky, pressurized, costly decision needs to be made
5. INTERVIEWING ... getting behind a person's smile ... and beyond her/his resume
6. FOCUSING ... or re-focusing your life
7. ORGANIZING ... your life to maximize your time
8. PARENTING ... to raise healthy, balanced children
9. PLANNING... Masterplanning any organization or major project
10. SOLVING ... any problem faster with a systematic problem-solving process

About the Author

Bobb Biehl is an executive mentor and founder of Masterplanning Group International. He has consulted with hundreds of clients, had one-on-ones with over 3,500 top corporate leaders and conducted over 40,000 hours of private sessions with some of our generation's finest leaders.

Reader Feedback

"Asking Profound Questions is like having your wise old uncle available to talk to on every decision. I carry it with me wherever I go."
Paul H. Weaver
Owner, Weaver Leather, Inc.