Powerful Questions: Problem Solving (Streaming Audio)

65 min audio+ handouts
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Powerful Questions: Problem Solving shows you how to use the coaching approach to help your clients generate innovative solutions and get moving. This dynamic live recording (streaming audio) helps you develop your coaching skills by listening to a great coach at work. Much of the art of asking powerful questions is caught, not taught, and these in-depth coaching demonstrations will help you catch the feel for how a break-through question grows out of the context of a coaching conversation. The disc includes a brief input session outlining several problem-solving approaches, followed by live, extended demos that show how those techniques look in action. We'll cover these three key techniques:

  1. The Obstacle Approach homes in on what stops you and brainstorms ways around it.
  2. The Ideal Future Approach bypasses the limitations of the present by exploring the ideal.
  3. The Transformational Approach moves the focus beyond circumstances to God's purposes.

We also cover a wealth of hints and tips about how to solve problems the coaching way. This streaming audio course also includes transcriptions of all the questions in the coaching demos, plus handouts with sample problem-solving questions and outlines of the problem-solving techniques used.  

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Table of Contents

Session List:
  1. Input: Problem Solving Techniques
  2. Demo: Exploration
  3. Demo: Defining the Issue
  4. Demo: The Ideal Future
  5. Demo: Moving from Ideal to Real
  6. Demo: The Obstacle Approach
  7. Demo: Creative Solutions
  8. Demo: The Transformational Approach
  9. Group Debriefing
  10. Demo: The Obstacle Approach II
  11. Demo: The Obstacle Approach (cont'd)

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a coach and trainer with nearly two decades of experience in the coaching field. He's launched several coaching certification programs, written a dozen books on various coaching and leadership topics, and produced over twenty coaching courses which are used across the globe.