Questions for Jesus App

from Coach22
A Conversational Prayer and Journaling iPhone App


Top Ten Features

  1. Completely free!
  2. The easiest way to get answers to prayer and hear Jesus speak to you
  3. 26 weekly meditations that bring scripture alive.
  4. Each meditation offers five creative, intimate questions to ask Jesus.
  5. Ten revolving tracks of instrumental worship music that play while you pray.
  6. An adjustable prayer timer keeps you focused.
  7. Type or dictate entries into a personal journal inside the app.
  8. Share from your journal by text or e-mail.
  9. Sync apps with friends to pray the same question each day and share what you hear.
  10. A help section with articles on identifying your desires, what to do if you are stuck, etc.

We also have a full suite of companion materials to help you use Questions for Jesus yourself, coach with it, or bring a Questions for Jesus class or workshop to your church. 

The Secret to Hearing God

The secret to Questions for Jesus is asking powerful questions that invite Jesus to touch your deepest desires. This one simple change in focus makes an amazing difference: instead of mostly asking about what you ought to be doing, you'll find yourself carrying on a conversation with Jesus about what he most loves about you, or how your life is significant to him, or why he longs to be known. There is no easier way I know of to hear Jesus' voice (my own percentage of answered prayer went up about 1000% when I started praying this way).

Coaching with Questions for Jesus

Questions for Jesus has become my most-used coaching tool, because it is so simple and so transformational. I start by helping coachees identify the core desire they are after--things like acceptance, justice, peace, or security. Then, instead of trying to get a thing or outcome in this world to give us that desire, we ask Jesus to speak to our heart in a way that gives the coachee that desire within his or her relationship with Jesus. Usually the breakthrough begins in five minutes or less. Jesus does all the heavy lifting, He makes me look like a coaching genius, I get paid the same, and the coachee gets rocked. It's a lot of fun! (For an in-depth explanation of how to coach desires, pick up a copy of The Invitation.)


About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus has 20 years of experience coaching "senior leaders in painful transitions" to meet God in their adversity and be transformed. After meeting Jesus in the sufferings and betrayals in his own life, he helps discover how God is at work in their circumstances and how the crucible of difficulty can lead to a well of intimacy with Father. Tony trains leaders through Leadership MetaFormation in Redding, California.

Reader Feedback

"I love this app. Oh my! What an amazing idea!!"
Worship Leader

A friend of mine gave me your book "Questions for Jesus". I have been in it for quite a while as I take one question a day to meditate and converse with Jesus. I am so thankful for the breakthroughs I have had with the Lord as a result. The conversations Jesus and I have had are life-changing, all as a result of your book.

"I began to hear His voice in a new way. Not just the voice of correction... the voice of approval."

"I am seeing from Daddy's eyes and not my own or what people have said about me."

"I asked God what he has for me and He said, "Jet fuel!" This was soooooo cool--it was totally not what I was expecting God to say. I was thinking, like, love or peace or the typical--but JET FUEL? Come on! I'm about to take off...thank you Jesus!"
Sr. Pastor

"The prayer model of asking God emotionally-based questions was truly revolutionary and I had a number of experiences where his answer was truly transformational."
Worship Leader

"I saw Jesus pick up all my pain, put it on his hip like a mother carrying a child, and then carry it as he continued to love and father me. Now I can trust him for all my life in every event. [Later I discovered the scripture], "Your sons will come from afar and your daughters shall be carried on the hip" (Is. 60:4).

Jesus is much more tangible and real in my life!