Questions for Jesus Self-Study eCourse

What if you could have the relationship with Jesus you've always dreamed of?

You can! Get ready to embark on a journey that will lead you into greater joy and fulfillment in your relationship with Jesus than you've ever known. Questions for Jesus makes having a conversation with God easy, revelatory, and surprisingly fun. This interactive, practical course will deepen your heart-to-heart connection with Jesus and your understanding of the desires of your heart by teaching you how to pray from your desires.

Here’s what you’ll be covering as you go through the course:

  1. Praying Your Desire: Discover why praying from desire is the key to connecting with the heart of God and having the conversation He wants to have with you.
  2. The Heart Model: Learn the step-by-step process for understanding what your heart truly desires.
  3. The #1 Obstacle to Hearing God: Tackle the common modern problem we all have around belief that we are truly hearing from God, and how to recognize His voice.
  4. Desire in Scripture: Understand the biblical wisdom behind our desires, how they were made to be fulfilled by God, and what happens when we try to fulfill them apart from Him.
  5. The Five Guidelines: Learn the key ingredients that make up a genuine prayer of desire.
  6. A Good God: Discover how you were designed to be transformed by making a life connection with God and His goodness.
  7. Expanding Your Prayer Vocabulary: Learn how to engage your emotional brain in prayer by being more creative and personal in the way you talk with Jesus.  
  8. Connecting With Jesus’ Heart: Deepen your relationship with Jesus by engaging with Him about His desires and learning how to fellowship with His sufferings.

During each week, you’ll interact with the following resources:

  • Videos: Watch as leadership coach Tony Stoltzfus and fellow coach Chris Frost teach and model the concepts together, or with a small group of participants.
  • Worksheets: Use these downloadable PDFs as you go through the videos.
  • Action Steps: Share answers you hear in your conversations with Jesus on the Questions for Jesus Disqus pages and interact with other course members.