A Leaders Life Purpose Workbook

162 pages, large format
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A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook (a companion to the Christian Life Coaching Handbook) gives coaching clients over 60 reflection exercises for finding their destiny. The reader will walk through a four-part model of life purpose (Design, Passion, Preparation and Calling), identify the destiny clues in each area, and then combine them into mission, purpose and vision statements. The workbook covers personality type, value statements and life messages.

If you want to find your life purpose or give those you are coaching a tool for finding it, choose this Workbook. If you want to learn to coach others toward their purpose, choose the Handbook.

The oft-overlooked area of calling ("An external commission from God for others") also gets an in-depth treatment. Calling is what keeps life purpose from becoming an exercise in navel---it prods us to seek revelation on how God is calling us to serve, instead of merely looking inside and asking, "What do I want in life?" Calling is about being Christ to the world--and there is a unique facet of who God is that you are called to uniquely embody.

Finally, you'll roll it all together into a set of life purpose statements you can post on the wall and refer to again and again. Covering everything from understanding your personality type to creating value statements to identifying the message of your life for others, this book is a practical, accessible gold-mine of tools for anyone seeking to understand what God made them for.

Stages on the Calling Journey
A second companion book is The Calling Journey, a look at the stages leaders go through on the road to fulfilling their call. This volume lays out a model of calling timelines with predictable valleys and transitions. Coaching the calling stage a person is in right now instead of using the generic approach makes a tremendous difference in coaching effectiveness.

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Table of Contents

   1: Introduction to Life Purpose
   2: The On-Purpose Life
   3: The Life Purpose Model
   4: Allegiance: Whose Am I?
Section I: Design: Who Am I?
   5: Strengths
   6: Personality Type
Section II: Passion: Why Do I Desire This?
   7: Energy
   8: Dreams and Desires
   9: Dream Obstacles
   10: Values
Section III: Preparation: What Has Life Prepared Me for?
   11: Life Experience
   12: Destiny Events
Section IV: Passion: Calling: Where is the Master Sending Me?
   13: Revelation
   14:Life Message
   15: Audience/Task/Impact
   16: Convergent Roles
   17: Life Purpose Summaries

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is a master coach, author of 11 coaching books, including the best-selling Coaching Questions. He has trained more than a thousand coaches and co-founded two training schools. As founder of MetaFormation, Tony teaches leaders to engage their hearts by coaching the emotional brain to discover the deep desires that drive behavior. Known for his interactive training and writing style, Tony has written courses and training materials used around the world. He lives in Redding, CA with his wife Kathy. They have two adult children.

Reader Feedback

"Thank you for your investment, not only in coaching, but in the Kingdom. As you have written to train coaches, you have corrected theological errors, and given hope to those who have had significant strong holds within their minds. I am one who has learned and had my eyes opened through your writing."

G.B, Senior Pastor

"I am loving this course. I can see how it will help shorten the process of getting to the core much quicker than I have been able to do with past clients."