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Christ Centered Coaching

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147 pages
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What makes Christ-Centered Coaching uniquely valuable in the universe of coaching books is that it is written primarily about why you should be interested in coaching. While it includes information on how to coach, it gives the most in-depth treatment of the benefits of being coached, making it perfect for a potential client, an organizational leader or pastor you are talking to about coaching, or even a spouse who doesn't "get" why you do what you do. If you want to up your game in talking more convincingly about the power of coaching, recruiting clients or just explaining what you do to friends and loved ones, this is a great read.

Master coach Jane Creswell brings decades of coaching experience to the table--she actually started the coaching program at IBM--and has coached and trained coaches extensively in business, ministry and academia. Out of this wide experience, she employs true-to-life coaching stories, sample coaching conversations, copious references to scripture, and plenty of examples to make a convincing argument for coaching.

In summary, Christ-Centered Coaching, is the perfect way to introduce coaching to a friend or fellow Christian leader.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Christ-Centered Coaching?
Chapter 2: Christ-Centered Coaching: What It Is and What It's Not
Chapter 3: The Benefits of Christ-Centered Coaching
Chapter 4: Christ-Centered Coaching Leverages Your Strengths
Chapter 5: Christ-Centered Coaching Provides Clarity and Focus
Chapter 6: Christ-Centered Coaching Instills Confidence
Chapter 7: Christ-Centered Coaching Catapults Learning
Chapter 8: Christ-Centered Coaching Fosters Intentional Progress
Chapter 9: Christ-Centered Coaching Rubs Off on Others
Chapter 10: Christ-Centered Coaching Encourages God-Sized Goals

About the Author

Jane Creswell is a master coach and conference speaker who inspires leaders and coaches with key insights about leadership development. Articles about her coaching practice have appeared in HR Magazine and TIME magazine. Jane is a Master Coach certified by the International Coach Federation.

Reader Feedback

"Richly illustrated with case histories, biblical guidelines, and practical insights, this is a helpful overall introduction to what coaching is and to what it can do, especially in ministry situations. Jane Creswell's book reflects her in-depth experiences as a coach, pioneer in the coaching movement, and teacher of coaching, all combined in a volume written by a skilled and established coaching professional."
--Gary R. Collins, author of Christian Coaching and Christian Counseling

"Coach Jane Creswell is the consummate leader in bringing coaching principles to life in a church or organization. Her words of wisdom will impact your organization more than you can imagine. In this book she lays out steps that, when taken, will take you and your people to the next level of excellence and performance."

"Jane Creswell models in an incredible way how to coach as modeled by Jesus. Christ-Centered Coaching is biblical, thought-provoking, and transforming as Jane shares her experiences in helping others shift their thinking and cause them through the power of the Holy Spirit to move from where they are to where they want to go. This book is a great tool for all ministry leaders!"

"A bridge. I was looking for a bridge, the crossing of which would turn knowing about excellent ministry into doing excellent ministry. Coaching Creswell-style has clearly provided that bridge for many Western team members, alumni, and students. If you've been on a search for that bridge, look no further than the biblical, missional, transformational and delightful message of this book. It's not just a must read--it's a must do."