Authentic Coaching Relationships (Streaming Audio)

50 min audio + handouts (download here)
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In this Christian coach training audio stream, coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus shows how to build authentic coaching relationships with those you coach (and with everyone else you meet!) Starting with the idea that an authentic relationship is only one conversation away, Tony shows how to use stories to go deep quickly.

Whether you are coaching small group leaders or business clients, building a great coaching relationship is the key to successful coaching. This training disc uses live demos to present several key relationship-building tools:

  • Storytelling. Learn four key principles of authentic storytelling.
  • Life Stories. How to use a special kind of life story (the story of your identity) to create exceptional transparency in just one coaching session.
  • The Agenda. Tips on maximizing buy-in by keeping the coachee in charge.

This enhanced audio stream includes handouts and outlines for the coaching demos and input on the audio sessions.

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Table of Contents

Audio Tracks (50 minutes)
  1. Introduction
  2. The Keys to Great Relationships
  3. Demo: Telling Authentic Stories
  4. Catalyzing Stories: Debrief
  5. Storytelling Practice Exercise
  6. Types of Life Stories
  7. Demo: The Story of Your Identity
  8. Identity Stories Practice Exercise
  9. Two Paradigms of Authenticity
  10. The Coaching Agenda
  11. Coaching Covenants 

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus was a trailblazer in the Christian coaching field and has trained hundreds of coaches. He has developed a span of leadership training resources used worldwide and helped design an international coaching school. He is the author of Leadership Coaching, a book widely used in coach training schools; is the founder of MetaFormation which trains people in a method of heart coaching Tony calls "Encounter Coaching."