Coaching Passion

coaching passionAs the motivation behind our most important pursuits, passion is an essential part of life purpose. So as coaches, we want to be coaching passion by helping our clients tap into the three main areas that help us assess passion:Energy,Dreams andValues.

Assessing Energy is easy to understand—you help the client become aware of what kinds of tasks and roles create energy and satisfaction, and which ones leave the person feeling tired, drained or unproductive. Energy is connected to our sense of significance: accomplishing things that are really important to us yield a much greater sense of being on-purpose then the mundane or the urgent but not important.

Dreams are a broader arena. We’ll look at the big, life-time objectives that can be life-coaching-handbookscary just to voice, as well as smaller, just-for-fun dreams we might accomplish on a weekend or during a vacation. The various obstacles clients hit in the dreaming process are a key issue in this area. We’ll also touch on topics like dreaming styles (different personality types dream differently), vision, and the picture of who the client wants to be in life.

Finally, we’ll look at core values. Values describe our fundamental beliefs about what is meaningful and significant in life. They are the basis of our decisions and the root of our passions.

Practice coaching passion with your clients by helping them discover their energy, dreams and values.

A pioneer in Christian leadership coaching, Tony Stoltzfus has trained thousands of coaches, founded several leadership and coaching schools and created a wide range of leadership resources used around the world.